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 selfstartHER - Work for Yourself

If you want to return to work but need more flexibility, more control on your schedule- start working for yourself!

Our selfstartHER program is to guide and assist you in relaunch-your way!



This service is specifically designed for women who have skills and experience but they need flexibility. Freelancing is a great option to keep you skills up to date and earn money and confidence while working from home.

We will first understand and assess if freelancing is the right choice for you and help you setup as a freelancer online.


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You have an awesome idea, lots of passion and the grit to implement it. If you want to start your business idea on internet and are lost in this giant online world- we can help. Our entrepreneuHER program is for women who want to return to work full time for themselves. We provide you holistic support getting you started and in building your presence online.


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