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 Diversity at Mid-Senior Level

A perfect beginning

40% women every year join India Inc. at entry level.


A questionable gap

There are only 24% women in the middle management and 6% women in senior management.


What’s happening?

“Opt-out revolution” or off-ramping– the emerging trend where well-qualified women choose to leave productive careers due to personal constraints. Mostly this happens at a crucial “mid-level” time of their careers and also when the loss of their talent is most costly to companies.


After the break

While many women choose to leave their careers for a short time  – 93% of these women want to return to  work. But only 40% are able to secure full-time jobs after their break.

When these professionals are ready to come back, opportunities are limited. They often get left out because of the changed scenarios and a gap in their resume.


The dilemma

When experienced women leave the workforce at a higher rate, the companies miss the chance to leverage women’s best skills. Also it is a huge waste of talent and investment in education and training of women if they are not pursuing careers.

Careers, companies and economies suffer when highly skilled women cannot get back where they belong.


But this trend is here to stay. Many professional women will leave their career at-least once. We need programs to have this highly credential talent pool back in our talent pipeline.


relauncHER for Employers


relauncHER's mission is to identify and connect these highly skilled women professionals to potential employers. We explore various possibilities with employers to foster gender diversity while providing readily available, talented and dedicated resources.


relauncHER recommends Returner Program that offers a flexible, non-obligatory way for employers to access the untapped experienced workforce and to consider the possibility of retention only after evaluation.


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