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 Diversity in Numbers

Diversity Metrics - Hacking Tech's Diversity Problem


This HBR article describes a new metrics-based approach that pulls from the lean start-up playbook: Collect detailed data about whether gender bias plays a role in daily workplace interactions; identify company-specific ways to measure its effect; create hypotheses about what “interrupters” might move those metrics; and then throw some spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. Measure what happened, adjust your hypotheses, and do it all over again until you get it right.



Diversity and Inclusion Business Case Stories From India (Community Business Report)


Large multinational companies with expanding operations in India have been keen to explore how to apply and adapt their global diversity principles to their local businesses and teams in India. Large Indian companies are turning their attention to this topic too. Keen to compete on the global stage, and exposed to global practices, leading local organisations are being forced to up their game when it comes to embracing different perspectives and harnessing the contribution of all to drive business success.



Women Matter - An Asian Perspective (McKinsey Report)


The narrow representation of women at the top of the corporate hierarchy is not the only problem. If more women are to reach senior positions, they have to be present in the pipeline that feeds those positions.






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