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 enricHER -  Career Restart Support

enricHER- exclusive services from relauncHER to empower and support women who are on a career break and are keen on returning to work.

Our team of industry experts provide personalized guidance and support to help you relaunch!

 Enhance Your Profile

A well written resume and an updated LinkedIn profile are great tools to help you find a suitable job. Check out these Resume templates from our blog to help you get started.

Our team of resume experts will work with you and provide assistance to enhance your online and offline profile.


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 Improve Your Interview Skills

If a long break from workplace is making you nervous about the interviews we are here to help. You can practice with us and we will identify and advice you on areas that need some re-polishing. For some quick tips on your profile and interview skills check out our Relaunch Tips.


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 Upgrade Your Professional Skills

We will discuss and understand your career aspirations and recommend a path to move forward.

Since there are so many courses and certificates to choose from, our team of experts carefully screens them before recommending. Once you complete the recommended courses, you qualify as an enriched candidate that makes returning to work a lot easier.


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 Consult a Life Coach

Do you feel you are at the crossroads of your career, are you feeling a void and exhausted in your personal-professional life. Try Life-Coaching. Coaching helps you both define and achieve professional and personal goals faster and with more ease.


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